Marvin Reeves


MARVIN REEVES was working as a South Side auto mechanic when he was wrongfully convicted of arson and murder in 1988. Like his co-defendant Ronald Kitchen, Marvin was a victim of torture at the hands of Chicago Police under the Area 2 associates of Jon Burge. Along with Ronald, Marvin was exonerated on July 7, 2009, after serving 21 years in prison. Despite his lengthy incarceration, Marvin’s large family of five sisters and two brothers never doubted his innocence, and supported him for the duration of his time wrongfully imprisoned.

Marvin was serving five consecutive life sentences when he was released after attorneys Michael J. Gill and David D. Pope of Mayer Brown filed a Petition for Post Conviction Relief on his behalf. Marvin and Ronald were granted new trials by Judge Stanley Sacks, however the Illinois Attorney General’s Office dropped the charges after it could not sustain its burden of proof due to a lack of physical evidence and the incredulity of the prosecution’s key witness.

After his release, Marvin was granted a Certificate of Innocence and received the maximum compensation from the State entitled to exonerees under Illinois statute. Marvin is currently living with his sister in Chicago and maintains a close relationship with Ronald. Since his release he has spoken out publicly against wrongful convictions, tortured confessions and the death penalty.




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