Jovan Mosley


‌JOVAN MOSLEY was 19 years old when Chicago police coerced him into confessing to a 1999 murder that he did not commit. He spent nearly six years in a holding cell in Cook County jail before he was granted a trial to prove his innocence. Freed in 2005 with the help of his lead counsel, Catharine O’Daniel, and Life After Innocence founder, Laura Caldwell, Jovan has worked tirelessly to regain his life.

Jovan received his Associates Degree in criminal justice from Daley College in Chicago, and earned his Juris Doctor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  Jovan currently works full time as a psychiatric technician.  Jovan was married to his wife, Andrea, in June 2009. Jovan and Andrea met through Andrea’s aunt, who provided ministry to inmates of Cook County Jail and took Jovan into her home after he was released.  The couple has a young son, Jovan, Jr.




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