Jerry Miller


Just before being sentenced for rape, kidnapping and robbery, JERRY MILLER told the trial judge: “Your Honor, I understand that I stand accused and I’ve been found guilty by the State of Illinois, but I must say that this is a genuine case of mistaken identity. And I just feel that I just been the victim myself. [At] this time it’s hard for me to really express myself, but I would appreciate any mercy that you can give me at this present time.”

Jerry Miller was then sentenced to 45 years in prison for rape and kidnapping and 7 years for robbery. In the end, Jerry spent almost 25 years in the Illinois prison system for a crime he did not commit. A client of The Innocence Project, Jerry was paroled in 2006. DNA evidence established that it was Robert Weeks, not Jerry Miller, who was responsible for the crime. In 2007, Jerry received a pardon from the governor and became the 200th person in the United States exonerated through DNA evidence.


Once released, Jerry worked full time at Hudson Book Group at Midway and now acts as a vigorous advocate for wrongfully convicted persons in the United States, having appeared on several news programs (including the Colbert Report—see link below) and speaking at different events throughout the country.


Jerry currently lives out of state.




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