Alton Logan


ALTON LOGAN served 26 years of a life sentence in prison for a crime for which he as innocent. Alton was convicted in 1983 of murdering a security guard during a robbery of a McDonald’s. While awaiting trial, Alton was unaware that Andrew Wilson, an individual convicted of killing two police officers, confessed to committing the murder to his attorneys. The attorneys, bound by attorney-client privilege, were unable to share this invaluable information, and Alton remained in prison. The attorneys prepared an affidavit, however, memorializing Wilson’s confession in the event they might be able to someday assist Alton.

Andrew Wilson, serving a life sentence of his own, died in prison in November 2007. After his death, his attorneys appeared before a judge in January 2008, and told of their client’s confession. Following further hearings and witness testimony, Alton was released on bond in April 2008, at the age of 54. His case was dismissed and the state eventually elected not to retry him. Alton was formally declared innocent on April 17, 2009, through a Certificate of Innocence issued by Judge Paul Biebel, Jr.

Alton currently lives with in Chicago and enjoys spending time with his family.  We are happy and grateful to report that Alton is currently receiving pro bono dental care from Dr. Daniel Aneszko at Water Tower Dental.



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