In the News: States Introduce Reforms for Combating Wrongful Convictions

  • On May 22, Texas Gov. Abbott signed the SB 487/HB 2435 law, which strengthens access to post-conviction DNA testing.  The bipartisan legislation allows courts to grant testing when the evidence has “a reasonable likelihood of containing biological material.”
  • On June 1, New Hampshire joined 13 other states, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont by introducing its eyewitness identification reforms.  Read more about these reforms here.
  • On June 2, in New York, a coalition of the New York State Bar Association, District Attorneys Association of New York, and the Innocence Project introduced a proposal that calls for heightened care when gathering evidence from witnesses and suspects.  The proposal would require detectives to ask eyewitnesses how certain they are of their choice and videotape the interrogation of suspects in major felonies.

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