LAI Goes Bowling

Life After Innocence enjoyed the first of several scheduled outings with exonerees at Seven Ten Lounge this past Sunday. Exonerees Michael Evans, Eric Caine, and Juan Rivera joined several members and alums of LAI along with founder and director Laua Caldwell at the bowling alley for drinks, food, and a couple of games of bowling. While some of us struggled to keep up with those who regularly bowled, others displayed a natural talent for it, despite claiming they hadn’t played in several years.


LAI members Dr. Andrea Jones and Shamoyita DasGupta with client Juan Rivera

The gathering was a reminder to all of us involved with LAI of the particularly strong bonds we’ve forged with our clients and of the potential organizations like ours have to create community and family among a group of people with shared passion for justice and restoration for the wrongfully convicted. Our clients are truly special people and they inspire us to work harder for them and for others in the quest to repair the damage done by those who imprisoned them without cause or justification. Outings like these only deepen our commitment to this cause and to our clients, and we are excited to join with them again several times over the coming months, including at the Innocence Conference in late April and at our luncheon on May 21. We welcome any and all to these or any of our more informal gatherings to meet the people we serve and to discover what drives us to work for them. Please contact us to get involved or get more information on our next event.

Client Michael Evans discusses business with Laura Caldwell and LAI member Jordan Fries

Client Michael Evans discusses business with Laura Caldwell and LAI member Jordan Fries

All photos courtesy of Mike J. Kirkland photography.


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