Weekly Exoneration Round Up – November 4, 2014

  • James Tillman calls the 18 years he spent in prison for a wrongful conviction a “gift.” Read more about the Connecticut Innocence Project and how Tillman’s case helped influence Connecticut’s decision to repeal the death penalty in 2012.
  • Congratulations to Dennis Allen and Stanley Mozee for their exonerations after they each served 15 years in prison for a wrongful conviction in Dallas, Texas. More than 30 individuals have been exonerated in Dallas in the last decade.
  • Read here about the importance of the Justice For All Act, which is up for reauthorization by Congress this year. The Act allows wrongfully convicted men to obtain post-conviction DNA testing.
  • Jeffrey Deskovic won a $41.65 million lawsuit against Putnam County (New York) last week after serving 16 years for a wrongful conviction. Congratulations!
  • Finally, check out this Boston Globe editorial about why prosecutors should be held accountable for miscarriages of justice and evidentiary withholdings that result in wrongful convictions.

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